Mongezi Mahlulo

First Secretary, Public Diplomacy, South African Embassy, Washington, D.C.

Mongezi Mahlulo

Mongezi Mahlulo grew up in Soweto, South Africa where he completed his high school education in 1990. Upon completion of his high school education, he enrolled for a BA Law Degree with the University of Cape Town in 1991 which he completed in 1993, having majored in History and Public International Law. In 1994, he registered for an Honours Degree in Criminal Justice System which he completed at the end of the same year. In 1996 to 1997 he studied for a Masters degree in International Relations with the University of Stellenbosch which he acquired in 1997.

He then joined the Department of State Security in 1998 as a Research Analyst until the end of 1999. After his short stint as a Research Analyst, he joined the Department of Foreign Affairs as a trainee diplomat in 2000 and upon completing the Diplomatic Training Course in 2001 was posted to Russia as a South African Representative. In Russia, he was inter alia responsible for the consolidation and establishment of ties of friendship and co-operation across a wide spectrum, from economic co-operation to issues of global governance between South Africa and Russia.

He returned to South Africa in July 2007 and was assigned with co-ordination of South Africa’s bilateral and multilateral relations with East European countries. In September 2009 he assumed his First Secretary position in Washington DC, where in the main he will be responsible for enhancement of political relations between South Africa and the United State of America.

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