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The Akron Council on World Affairs organizes events on international affairs topics for community audiences in Northeast Ohio.

Evening Speaker Series

Ernesto Henrique Fraga Araújo

Ernesto Henrique Fraga Araújo was one of ACWA's diplomat visitors in 2011. He brought perspective to Brazil's historic juncture — strong economic growth and political stability — and the country's strengthening relationship with the U.S. on security and economics.

ACWA's Evening Speaker Series with our visitor diplomats offer community attendees opportunities to converse and discuss relevant international issues with central figures in their foreign governments.

Each event combines a formal dinner with a presentation by a diplomat who provides a challenging overview of current issues important to his/her nation and those engaged in with U.S. Community attendees have opportunities to discuss and ask questions about the topics presented.

These events are open to the public by advance registration, with the option of choosing dinner and program or selecting program attendance only.

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An overview of our visiting diplomats and their presentations, since this program began in 2005, is available in the Events Archive.

Global Scholars Program

Global Scholars students with Roy Norton

Roy Norton, Consul General of Canada in Detroit, MI, and Global Scholars students. Mr. Norton and students discussed the mutual economic interdependence of Canada and the U.S., and progress on achieving North America energy self sufficiency.

The Akron Council on World Affairs' Global Scholars
helps prepare young people to participate in the global workforce. In collaboration with Akron Public Schools, leadership high school students enroll in the program and prepare with ACWA curricula to meet and dialogue with foreign diplomats in formal briefing sessions.

Students benefit in these sessions from their association with peers from across Akron's social, racial and economic demographics. As students report, these sessions extend their ability to bring and respect different perspectives, an important asset for their future employment in today's global marketplace.

Learn more about ACWA's Global Scholars Program.

WZIP-88.1-FM Radio Interviews of ACWA's Visitor Diplomats

Vicente Sanchez Ventura, Consul of Mexico in Detroit, MI and Jane Walker Snider, ACWA Executive Director

Vicente Sanchez Ventura, Consul of Mexico in Detroit, MI and Jane Walker Snider, ACWA Executive Director

You can access the topics focused on by ACWA's visitor diplomats in both the students' Global Scholars program and the Evening Speaker Sessions. ACWA began these interviews in 2009, with Jane Walker Snider, ACWA Executive Director, collaborating with Tom Beck, Station Manager, and the invited diplomats. You can access a summary of each interview and choose to listen to any of them in our Resource section.

Travel Program

ACWA is partnering with the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia to provide access to specialized group travel packages around the globe.

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