Brian Davis, former ACWA intern "I worked as an intern, under Jane Walker Snider, for the Akron Council on World Affairs during the fall semester of my Senior year at Kent State University. As part of my intership, I worked on putting together lesson plans about current international issues and facilitated group discussions among students.

"My internship with the ACWA provided me with many skills that translated to my professional career upon graduation. The organization skills, as well as the group facilitation skills I learned during my internship, have helped me immensely and I am sure they will continue to do so in my future endeavors.

"In January 2007, I will begin a Masters Degree program in Global Finance, Trade & Economic Integration at the University of Denver in Colorado and I am positive that the experience I gained from interning with the ACWA played a part in this endeavor as well!"

- Brian Davis , former ACWA intern


"During the spring semester of my junior year, I was an intern for the Akron World Affairs Council. I applied my knowledge of international relations to research assignments for the organization’s executive director, Jane Walker Snider.

"One project required me to create a report assessing and analyzing the political situation in the Philippines. I also attended Global Scholars briefing sessions, supervisind and aiding the local high school students with their discussion on international topics during their sessions with visiting diplomats.

"From this, I attained the skills of organizing events and facilitating discussions in a group setting. I also acquired essential job skills and learned both how to be good a team member and to work under someone and on my own efficiently and effectively.

"I believe this internship helped prepare me for the transition from college life to the professional world."

- Jeff Staugler, former ACWA intern


Boost your career prospects with an internship with ACWA!

Our internships take you immediately into experience with a non-profit organized along business lines, with innovative programming. If you are accepted, you will work directly with the Executive Director who has major corporate product development and marketing experience together with contemporary non-profit management.

If you are an undergraduate student at Hiram College, Kent State or The University of Akron, we may have an opening for you in ACWA's internship program. Our internships are non-paid and require a minimum commitment of hours, depending on areas of responsibility assumed.

We encourage you to see our current postings for opportunities to enhance your vitae.

Application Requirements:

  • Education Status: College sophomore or higher
  • 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Student at one of the above colleges/universities
  • Access to the Akron metro area
  • Must have transportation and meet once a week with the Executive Director for assignments and review, on a flexible schedule
  • Must be able to attend all scheduled ACWA events during the semester

To apply for an internship or request additional information, e-mail

Please reference the internship(s) in which you are interested and the term. Also include the name of your school, area of study, and the name of your adviser.

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