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Academic Challenge WorldQuest 2006

WorldQuest is the challenging international group trivia contest played by member councils of the World Affairs Councils of America. ACWA invited students from area colleges to play against teams from Kent State University, The University of Akron, Baldwin-Wallace College and Ashland University.

WorldQuest is a fun, fast-paced and enlightening way to test your knowledge of international affairs — and see how much other know. ACWA designed this event for college and university students.

ACWA extends special thanks to the event co-chairs: Charles Nieman, Kent State University, and Jamal Feerasta, The University of Akron. Judges for the event included Dr. Surinder Bhardwaj, Ben Kunkel, Diane Kerner, Dr. Judy Krutky, Tom Koop, and Dr. Larry Andrews. We want to especially thank two students from The University of Akron WZIP Radio staff who facilitated presentation of the quiz: Yiniva C. Byers and Jeremiah Widner.

First Place Team—The University of Akron, College of Business: Kodssivi Dodor, Gautam Ellawadi, Yeonju Lee, Satyadev Mahalingashetty, Dhiraj Parulekar, Denis Pryamonosov, Pruthvi Rajasekharaiah, and Ondrej Talanda

Runner-Up Team—Kent State University, International Affairs: Victoria Byerly, Nicola Dietzfelbinger, Bonnie Ho, Ali Hussein, Tim Mak, Safala Shrestha, David Soler, Praveena Thagiarajan, and Heran Zhu

Student Comments

Marty Mayer, Junior, Political Science and Conflict Management, The University of Akron

"I had to really manage my schedule to attend WorldQuest and found it very worthwhile.  Here’s how I had to work it in.

"After my Spring semester exams, I went with a group of students to Long Beach, Mississippi.  This town was devastated during the last hurricane season.  We did whatever we could to help rebuild.  Roofing, carpentry, cleanup.  I got back to Northeast Ohio just in time for WorldQuest.  I’m glad I made the effort.

"I’ve always loved trivia and I love diversity, meeting new people from other cultures and backgrounds.  WorldQuest was a different experience from what I typically have on the Kent State campus.  I met students from many countries on our breaks. Several English students from India were at my table during the competition."

David Soler, Student, Kent State University, from Barcelona, Spain, and participant in Kent State’s Global Passport Learning Community

"I was at a table with students from several countries, making up our team from Kent State.  Right away, when the questions began, we all looked at each other and decided to share our knowledge from different parts of the globe.

"I had to keep stopping myself from having a quick answer as each slide appeared.  I waited until I heard what others at my table had to say before I gave my opinion.  It worked.  We came in second place."

Jessica Szabla, Sophomore, International Relations, Applied Conflict Management and Pre-Law, Kent State University

"I decided to participate in WorldQuest because I felt it would be a great opportunity to get to know my global friends and work with them in a fun, yet educational environment. My first overall impression of the other participants in WorldQuest was that they seemed a bit
nervous, but ready to have fun and learn, perhaps even to meet some new and interesting friends.

"My team, Kent State University's Global Passport Learning Community, was unsure how to approach studying and preparing for the WorldQuest. So, we decided to draw upon each individual's strengths based upon his or her own knowledge either from school or his or her native country.

"We created a winning strategy by studying the category which each of us was assigned, then quizzing each other at group gatherings, and before too long, all team members were able to answer each others' questions. This proved to be our winning strategy!

"I learned a new way to study, to not be afraid to take chances on opportunities that I may be unsure of, and that through our differences, my global friends and I made a fabulous team!"

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