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Dr. Alsaghira Al Ahbabi

Dr. Alsaghira Al Ahbabi

Dr. Alsaghira Al Ahbabi is Second Secretary at the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Washington, D.C. She directs the think tanks and NGOs office at the Political Department. Her duties include monitoring, studying, and analyzing current issues and policies that influence the Middle East in general, with a specific focus on the UAE. The balance of her professional experience from 1999 to 2006 included service as an academic advisor, then as the Director of Training Programs in the United States and Canada, and later as the Director of the Academic and Training Department at the UAE Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Al Ahbabi was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, where she finished her high school education. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Cairo University in Egypt, a Master of Arts in Special Education from California State University in Sacramento, and a Doctorate in Education from George Washington University. She is a member of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi by election of the Chapter at California State University, Sacramento, the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), and the National Education Association (NEA). She was also awarded a fellowship where she co-taught doctoral courses at the George Washington University from 2006-2007.


Saud Al Nowais

Saud Al Nowais

Mr. Saud Al Nowais, Commercial Counselor for the United Arab Emirates to the United States of America, took office in July 2009. Since then, Mr. Al Nowais has focused on strengthening the bilateral trade relationship between the US and the UAE, assisting both countries in identifying mutually beneficial trade and investment opportunities. Mr. Al Nowais operates at all levels of government and business in a continued effort to bring prosperity and growth to both economies as well as facilitate the development of commercial relationships between the two nations.

Previously, Mr. Al Nowais held a managerial position at the Executive Affairs Authority of Abu Dhabi (EAA) in the Economic Department. Mr. Al Nowais worked on energy-related projects and programs, such as oil and gas initiatives, alternative sources of energy and most recently the UAE’s nuclear program. He also worked on environmental and social issues in tandem with industry representatives to affect positive change throughout the country. The Executive Affairs Authority is a government entity that supports the Chairman of the Executive Council of Abu Dhabi, H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. EAA is responsible for creating policy and the implementation of special projects in the Emirate.

Mr. Al Nowais is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Strategic Security Studies at the National Defense University - College of International Security Affairs in Washington, DC. Mr. Al Nowais obtained his bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the American University of Sharjah (AUS). Mr. Al Nowais graduated from the American Community School of Abu Dhabi (ACS).


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Hilton Akron/Fairlawn

Understanding Business and Culture in the Middle East: Focus on the United Arab Emirates

Dr. Alsaghira Al Ahbabi, Second Secretary, Political Department and Saud Al Nowais, Commercial Counselor for the United Arab Emirates to the US, UAE Trade Office, Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, Washington, D.C.

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The United Arab Emirates is one of the US’ strongest allies. Dr. Alsaghira Al Ahbabi, UAE Embassy Second Secretary of Political Affairs and Saud Al Nowais, UAE Embassy Commercial Counselor will discuss the many aspects of the deepening UAE-US bilateral relationship, the UAE’s approach as an innovative social investor and the country’s emergence on the world stage.

UAE’s emergence on the world stage

In just over four decades, the UAE has transformed from a tribal culture reliant on agriculture and fishing to an entrepreneurial success story with world-class infrastructure. The UAE’s leadership has improved education, advanced health care and embraced change as the UAE modernizes, consistent with its history and cultural values. Focused on strengthening institutions of government and advancing the role of women in society, today, the UAE is a strong, vibrant and modern nation that is open to the world.

The UAE is also a source of tolerance, innovation, and growth in the Arabian Gulf and around the globe. In that regard, the UAE and US have formed a strong relationship with shared security interests and a common resolve to preserve security and stability in the Gulf region. The UAE is only one of three countries and the only Arab nation to participate with the US in five coalition actions over the last 20 years: Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Bosnia-Kosovo, and the 1990 Gulf War.

Dr. Alsaghira Al Ahbabi will discuss the UAE’s emergence on the world stage as well as the robust and deepening UAE-US relationship.

UAE-US Trade Relationship

The economies of the UAE and US are also closely intertwined. In 2012, U.S. exports to the UAE increased by forty percent from 2011 to over $22.5 billion, making the UAE the single largest export market in the Middle East for US goods, a distinction it has now held for the fourth year in a row.

For 30 years, the UAE has invested in US capital markets, making the UAE a dependable and long-term contributor to US economic growth.

Saud Al Nowais will discuss this long-standing economic relationship and explain in greater detail the UAE’s economy.

Those attending the evening session may bring comments and questions to address to Mr. Al Nowais and Dr. Al Ahbabi at the end of their formal presentation.

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