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Hilton Akron/Fairlawn

Czech-American Relations in the Context of the Euro-Atlantic Political Debate

Jaroslav Kurfürst, Deputy Chief of Mission, Czech Republic, Washington, D.C.

Jaroslav Kurfürst will profile Central Europe's unique success story after the end of the cold war. Eighteen years after the "velvet revolution", 14 years after the "velvet divorce" with Slovakia, and after the deep transformation of its society and economy, the Czech Republic has again become an integral part of the family of European democratic nations and a member of NATO (since 1999) and the EU (since 2004) with strong views about the future of transatlantic relations.

Mr. Kurfürst's view is that the history of World War II and the Cold War taught Czechs that the policy of appeasement and passivity can lead to trouble. Today the Czech Republic is active in supporting democracy and involved in the effort to stabilize hot spots around the world. Czech soldiers are serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Czech politics today is no longer troubled by the historical threats coming from Russia or Germany. Germany is today one of the Czech's closest allies and friend in Europe, and Russia has become a partner. According to Mr. Kurfürst, "The security of the country benefits from excellent relations with all our neighbors and membership in NATO and the EU."

Mr. Kurfürst's assessment of current Czech–American bilateral relations is that they are flourishing, with some exceptions. The trade exchange is rapidly growing, and people-to-people relations are expanding. Political debate of recent months has been dominated by the topic of negotiations on hosting a Missile Defense site in the Czech Republic (ground-based radar), with some chilly contribution by Russian generals to this discussion.

He will discuss the Czech government's view that the only obstacle in the country's relationship with the U.S. is visa procedures for Czechs. He will report on the view of Czechs that the issue of an asymmetric visa relationship is dividing two extremely friendly nations.

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