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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2008 Hilton Akron/Fairlawn

Brazil's Economic Success Brings New Challenges

Minister Rubens Gama, Minister-Counselor for Commercial Affairs and Technology, Brazilian Embassy, Washington, D.C.


Minister Rubens Gama will discuss challenges facing Brazil and other topics during his presentation.

An urgent issue is how best to create effective programs for Brazil's poor. The successes of Brazil's economy have spurred a rapid growth of its middle class, now estimated at some 20 million people. Brazil's low inflation and reduced cost of credit has spurred home ownership and purchasing in the marketplace.

The government is addressing how best to provide its poor access to this prosperity. Minister Gama will describe key government initiatives, including Bolsa Familia. This and other programs focus on providing active tools to leverage social and economic transformation, focusing on education and health.

Brazil's focus on its infrastructure has relevance for Ohio manufacturers exporting products. In 2007, these totaled over $1.3 billion, a 158% increase over 2006. Brazil's ports need rapid expansion, with some 90% of products leaving and entering Brazil through its ports.

Concerns have been raised about biofuels and ethanol here in the U.S., including focus on diversion of corn crops for this purpose. Brazil's success is with sugar cane rather than corn but it, too, is being challenged about the efficacy of biofuels in combating climate change. Critics are also claiming that expansion of planted fields is a threat to the Amazon rain forest as displaced ranchers clear new grazing lands.

Brazil is now a major world player in the oil industry, resulting from two factors. The country has substantially raised the capabilities of its workers, resulting in higher productivity. At the same time, significant new oil reserves have discovered by a government owned company. This has resulted in a debate, now in progress, about whether to use profits from these reserves for education.

Join us in welcoming Minister Gama and becoming better acquainted with Brazil. You will have the opportunity to extend questions and comments to him immediately following his formal presentation.

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