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ACWA invites diplomats from embassies of countries that are important partners with the U.S., both in trade and politics, and long-term in addressing important global challenges. ACWA originated this program in 2005. View archives of previous participants.

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Australia: The New Hub Between East and West

Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Australia, Washington, D.C.


We invite you to come meet Mr. David Stuart from the Embassy of Australia. He will bring us up to present time about his continent’s important new global roles. If asked, most people KNOW three things about Australia, aside from koalas and kangeroos and birds they can name. People will say Australia is vast, remote, and a “lucky country”, blessed with natural resources that support its economy.

Today Australia is Exerting Leadership in Global Issues

Mr. Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister, won his office last December 2007, in a landslide victory by the Labor Party, reflecting Parliament’s support of the following initiatives.

Mr. Rudd Proposes Making Australia the Most Asia-literate Country in the Collective West

The initiative includes establishing a strong alliance between the U.S. and Asian nations. Mr. Rudd describes it as an “Asia-Pacific Community”. Observers such as The Economist point to Mr. Rudd’s sophistication in his Asian diplomacy, including his ability to speak fluent Mandarin and his knowledge of the region’s history as supporting his goals.

Australia’s Government Has Committed to New Proposals for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament

Mr. Rudd is setting up an international commission — led by Australia — to be in force by 2009. Many believe the current forums in the region are no longer suited to the new challenges being faced. These include the rise of China and India as both economic and nuclear powers.

Mr. Rudd is Called the “Climate Change” Prime Minister

Australia seeks to counter its position as one of the world’s highest per person emitters of greenhouse gases. This is due to its reliance on coal, according to The Economist. The government promises to cut emissions by 60% of 2000 levels by 2050. He is encountering controversy. Green groups accuse his government of making concerssions to the coal industry because of the use permits on carbon emissions.

New Social Measures for Aboriginese Communities

Mr. Rudd formally apologized in February for past injustices, reportedly opening the way for expansion of social programs introduced by his predecessor. Goals include further health and education and reducing violence. Informed people believe aborginese futures will be ensured from developing their economies with
support from the private sector and government assistance.

Looking for Foreign Labor

Australia is in its 17th year of uninterrupted economic growth. Unlike the U.S. and some other countries, where immigration is declining, Australia latest annual program for permanent migration has increased available places for skilled labor by 30 per cent (total skilled labor places are 133,000 of the total migration program of 190,000) is seeking some 300,00 foreign workers to address the skills shortage that accompanies its economic successes.

Join us in welcoming Mr. Stuart and becoming better acquainted with Australia. You will have the opportunity to extend questions and comments to him immediately following his formal presentation.

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