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Global Scholars Photos

Lawrence Chan and Aly Brown, Kenmore High School

Stephanie Stainaker, Alison Shell and Allie Vernis, Firestone High School, and Linda Robertson, Kent State University

Autumn Fessler, Kenmore High School; Arayin Naroyan, Kent State University; Laura Ross, Firestone High School; Autumn Thompson (presenting) and Tero Peltoniemi, Kenmore; and Beatrice Santinga, Firestone

Melanie Butler and Elizabeth Heimbaugh, Firestone High School

Choyce Guice, Buchtel High School; Tero Peltoniemi, Kenmore High School; Linda Robertson, Kent State University; Beatrice Santinga, Firestone

Autumn Thompson and Autumn Fessler, Kenmore High School; and Shattora Portis, Buchtel High School

Konrad Bienda and Allie Vernis, Firestone High School; Rendi Pratikta, Raymond Wein and Frederik Laaser, Kenmore High School

Kenmore Foreign Exchange Students: Rendi Pratikto (Indonesia), Frederik Laaser (Germany), Esteban Escobar (Chile), Tero Peltoniemi (Finland), and Lawrence Chan (Hong Kong)

Photographs copyright © 2005 Jane Walker Snider

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